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Homeschoolin' + Supporting Wellness

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The air lately has a little more of a chill on it, and I can't believe we're already approaching the end of the Summer. It always goes by too fast, but I have to say I'm excited for a new shift and season. This school year may look a little different for all of us, no matter where our little people are learning but I truly believe that whatever we decide to do (back to school, private school, home school, unschool) that's the right decision for you and your family. I would encourage all of us to stay positive, stay adaptable, focused on our families, our wellbeing and above all, focus on the good.

If you would have told me when I was just a youngen' that someday I would homeschool my kids, I'm sure I wouldn't believe you. But once I actually had my own kids and they began to approach the age where we would send them off to school, the topic of homeschool was talked about a lot. The husband and I would have many-a chats about the idea of me homeschooling, at least throughout the elementary years, delighting with the idea, but also fearing the commitment. We have friends who homeschool and it's always looked like such an awesome lifestyle, and an incredible opportunity to know and share in exactly what was going into the minds and hearts of our children every day.

When everything went sideways this Spring, we were so excited to have the opportunity to try homeschooling. I went on to spend months and months obsessively researching and learning and discovering more about all the different styles of homeschooling. I never realized there were so many ways to walk this path! And while I'm not ready to label our style just yet, I'm sure once we get into the flow of things we'll discover what's working best for our family. Make sure to connect with me on Instagram or FB and subscribe to the VIP list to hear more about our homeschool journey as we get started next week.

Growth Mindset Free Printable

And whether in or outside the home, our kids are always looking to us to be their teachers and guides in everything they do. There are so many ways we can support them as we go into this seasonal shift, big and little ways that we can help them live happier and healthier.

Self Inquiry for Littles

One of our focuses during the first month of school is "all about me." We're going to be learning about Growth Mindset during the first couple weeks so I created this printable with some thought provoking questions for the elementary aged kiddos. I personally know how important this type of self-reflective work is in my life, so equally I know our kids can hugely benefit from a little self inquiry. If you want to grab this printable, feel free to subscribe to the VIP list for access to the freebie library, where I will be adding all our future homeschooling freebies!

Supporting a Strong Immunity

And just like every other year we've ever lived, cold and flu season is going to make an appearance - there's nothing to freak out about... kids are gonna get sick. It's normal! It's no biggie, it definitely might be an inconvenience (this year especially) but that's the way the cookie crumbles this 2020, we're just gonna have to chill and go with the flow. BUT, that being said, there are ways that we can be preventative! Check out my recent post about Daily Rituals to Support Immunity to read more about those.

Complete Wellness Support

Another way I'm always supporting my kids is by getting oils on them on a daily basis. I recently cashed in some of my LRP points to get this awesome little essential oil toolbox called The Kids Collection ($134 wholesale, I got for free!) which I'd had my eye on for a while. It contains seven unique roller blends, toppers with carabiners for the backpacks, as well as flash cards to explain how and when to use the rollers, and also an awesome little carrying case. It's super cool, especially for school aged kids or teens who want to take their oils on the go, and the blends are perfectly diluted for all ages. The roller not pictured here below is Tamer, which is an upset tummy blend! So handy for the occasional digestive discomfort, or even for motion sickness or after a big meal.

Plenty of Rest

Another surefire way to support a healthy mind & body is to get enough rest! Earlier bedtimes are around the corner for the kids AND me. We diffuse Serenity every single night in each bedroom, always blended with either On Guard (for an immunity boost all night long) and it smells so incredibly lovely and soothing as you're drifting off to sleep all cozy in bed. And I found out this morning that this month Serenity is 10% off in Canada and the US (while supplies last in September) Perfect time to stock up!

So I'm wishing you good luck to the start of this new school year and the new season. Enjoy the final warm days of Summer before the leaves start to change. If you're interested in chatting homeschool together, or if you're just starting out this year too, make sure to connect with me on Instagram! I'd also love to help you get started with oils if you've been thinking about integrating these natural solutions into your life, reach out to me, or head to this link to get started.

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