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I thought, how great would it have been to have known all I know now in Photoshop, back when I was just starting out. BOOM. Born was the idea for The Masterclass. 
Over 15 years of Photoshop experience all bundled neatly into one jam-packed course that is sure to boost your PS know-how and editing skills in just a short amount of time!


Are you a Photographer using, or hoping to use, Adobe Photoshop CC as your editing platform? Especially you people photographers, this course was designed for you!
Whether you're a complete beginner, a dabbler, or a moderately experienced Photoshopper, you will find essential and highly valuable lessons and information contained within this course.


This course includes four modules containing over 280 minutes in video lessons. We will cover the basics, making sure you've got a strong foundational knowledge, before diving into some of the most useful, handy, and important lessons you need to learn when editing in Photoshop.
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Apart from the badassery confidence you'll gain upon completing the modules and putting what you've learned into action, here's what you will receive in this course...

Four Modules | 15 Video Lessons

You'll enjoy lifetime access and free module updates to this self-led course.
This means that your investment in learning Photoshop with me doesn't end with these four modules, but in the future when new modules are added to this masterclass, you will receive full access to these new video lessons! All videos are available for stream or download.

Bundle of 5 Action Sets + Bundle of 7 Overlay Sets

You're going to need some goodies to play with.
I'm super happy to include my complete collection of Photoshop actions and overlays (valued at $146) with this Masterclass. We will be learning all about how to use these creative tools as well as showing you how you can create your own custom actions.


"This course has been such a god send. I’ve always felt so overwhelmed just thinking about trying to figure out photoshop. Ashley breaks things down in such an easy to understand, non intimidating way that you truly gain confidence in the knowledge you are learning throughout this course. This isn’t just another typical course, you will also experience Ashley’s raw talent and natural gift for teaching. So grateful for her decision to create this!"


- Vanessa L'Hirondelle - Fort St. John, BC


What version of Photoshop do I need?

We are working in Adobe Photoshop CC in this course. It is highly recommended that you work in this version as well, but that's not to say you couldn't get away with using Adobe Photoshop CS6. But please be aware that there will be some differences in capabilities.

What type of photography is best suited for this course?

This course is heavily based on People Photography (such as Lifestyle, Family, Wedding, Maternity, Boudoir, etc.) but other styles of photographers or hobbyist Photoshoppers will also gain a ton of value from these lessons.

What if I need extra help?

Then help is on the way! If you're in need of a little extra mentoring, then please let us know and we will schedule a Zoom call to go over all of your questions. Your understanding in this course and continued improvement of editing skills is top priority.

What happens after I complete the purchase?

Once you complete your purchase you will receive a download link to a zipped folder. Inside this folder you will find the course materials and instructions to sign into the course, create your account, and begin taking the lessons.

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