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Alchemy Dance Photos

Hello there! I'm pleased to publish the 2023 Alchemy Dance Portraits! As always, this session and these photographs were so much fun to capture, and I'm excited to share them with you. You'll notice the bit of Photoshop magic I created, where I removed the doors in most every shot (save for a handful of silly casual ones). I loved the look and contrast of a clean wall behind the dancers, and that smooth line of light and dark shades of grey. Most of the team has 2 portrait shots and 2 posed shots each. In some cases I did include a few extras if I couldn't decide which one looked best, or which posture had the best alignment. I'm also excited to share a new custom greeting card to include in your package this year - I hope you enjoy! : ) - Ashley

Scroll down to view the gallery, and use the form below when you're ready to order your photos.
Card example.jpg
Card example 2.jpg
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