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Homemade Elk Bone Broth

Updated: May 10, 2023

I love bone broth. I like to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, as it's a wonderful way to end a fast (break-fast). It not only helps to heal the digestive linings, but also to ignite the digestive fire in yo belly.

You're probably familiar with bone broth and its many health benefits, but did you know that homemade bone broth is generally much healthier for you than store bought? Not to mention way less expensive.

Here's my homemade elk bone broth recipe which is not only super easy to throw together, but so incredibly nourishing and comforting!


Set your slow cooker to low, and add the following INGREDIENTS:

  • Bones (we had elk bones on hand, you can also ask for bones from your local butcher)

  • A few roughly cut organic carrots

  • One roughly cut organic onion

  • A few stalks of organic celery

  • A handful of organic garlic cloves

  • Himalayan salt or sea salt to taste

  • Fresh or dried herbs of your choice (parsley, thyme, basil, oregano)

  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

  • Good quality water

Note that the vinegar is important, as it helps to soften the marrow inside the bones

Leave this to take a nice long nap on low, anywhere from 24-48 hours.

If you can leave it in the garage, or a well ventilated room, you might consider doing that, as the bone broth does have a rather pungent odour once it really gets steeping. I swear, it tastes way better than it smells in the crock pot.

You might set a timer to check on your broth every few hours, give it a stir, maybe add a little water if it's reduced.

When you're almost ready to take it out, check out the insides your bones and pull out any bone marrow you can get your little fingers on. You can use the narrow end of a utensil to help scrape out all that collagen-y goodness.

Give it a good stir and let it sit a little longer.

Then when you're ready to take it out, let it cool down just a bit (not too much, your don't want all the fat to harden) before straining through a fine sieve or cheese cloth and storing in glass containers (and be sure to pour yourself a cup.)

I store mine in the fridge and typically drink it all within a week, but you could totally can these if you're making a big enough batch.

When you're ready to have some, take the jar or container out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature before shaking well (don't let the cold fat put you off, it all melts down to a beautiful brothy texture) and then add your desired amount (1-2 cups perhaps) to a little sauce pan. Heat to your desired hotness and enjoy!


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